School Highlight: Pine Village West Newton

Another feature in one of our neighborhood schools – West Newton! Located on the corner of Washington St. and Highland Ave., the school is nestled inside beautiful historic building with a very large and extra fun playground. Our school also has expansive space for indoor fun and an amazing cook’s kitchen for fun activities! Read on to learn more from our West Newton Director, Lorena Arboleda:

Tell Us a Little Bit About Yourself!

I have been working in Pine Village for 9 years. I am from Colombia, I came to this country 22 years ago. I decided To work with kids after I had my son. Kids are my passion. After working as a teacher with Toddler and preschoolers I got the great opportunity of work as the director of the West Newton location. 


What makes the West Newton school location special? 

The community we have is very special. There is so much love and unity within the families, staff and children in West Newton.​ ​A typical day in Pine Village usually starts with drop off in the playground or in our Washington street entrance. The children start with free play and then will have fruit for snack. Then we will start morning circle, the children do an activity based on the monthly curriculum. After the children play outside. Then they come inside for lunch time, snack and nap time. After nap the children eat snack and then we have full day pickup. If the children stay for extended day we will go outside and play games until parents come to pickup.​

What are the kids favorite activities in class? 

The older children love doing melting beads and crafts with. The young toddlers enjoy singing and dancing as well as the sensory tables.

What are some local West Newton spots you love?

There are so many great spots in West Newton we love to eat at West Newton pizza or the local. Also, there are several great parks nearby where we will sometimes walk to with the older preschoolers to change the scenery.

Our school is also across the street from the Newton police station and close to the post office. In the past we have taken trips there to learn more about our community helpers. We have a wonderful playground space which we use every day with the children.

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