Monthly Archives: June 2011

Speaking in Tongues

A fascinating in depth look into real life experiences of second language learning in educational settings, Immersion style! “Four Kids. Four Languages. One city. One World.At a time when 31 states have passed “English Only” laws, four pioneering families put their children in public schools where, from the first day of kindergarten, their teachers speak… Read more »


On Saturday Pine Village marched in the Boston Pride Parade for the 7th year! It is always a fabulous, invigorating day to remember! We want to thank the dedicated few who this year braved the cold driving rain to join us on our march! We thank you and your awesome children for helping us show… Read more »

Spanish tips to try at home!

Each month at Pine Village we email tips for parents to use to help support bilingualism at home!  Here is an example!   We will be posting our tips every week or 2 so stay tuned for great ways to help your children become bilingual!!  Quisiera = I would like If you are looking for… Read more »