Spanish tips to try at home!

Each month at Pine Village we email tips for parents to use to help support bilingualism at home!  Here is an example!  
We will be posting our tips every week or 2 so stay tuned for great ways to help your children become bilingual!!

 Quisiera = I would like
If you are looking for a simple phrase to help you start forming sentences in Spanish, try using the word QUISIERA (pronounced KEE –SEE- AIR –AH) which means, “I would like…”

Here are some examples to get you started!



I would like water.
Quisiera agua.
I would like a hug.
Quisiera un abrazo.
I would like to dance.
Quisiera bailar.
I would like an apple.
Quisiera una manzana.
I would like the blue one.
Quisiera el azul.
I would like a spoon please.
Quisiera una cuchara por favor.
I would like to practice more Spanish please!
Quisiera practicar mas español por favor!
Don’t forget to add POR FAVOR at the end          and you’ve got a full sentence in

Have fun playing with verbs and nouns and encourage a conversation with your child by asking them what THEY would like too!          (i.e. QUISIERAS un abrazo? = Would you like a hug?)

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