Back to School Tip #4

It’s that time again.  Summer is winding down and school is almost back in session.  Whether they’ve been away for the entire summer or only a week or two, it can be hard for your little ones -and for you- to readjust to the school year.  Most Pine Village locations open on September 6.  We’ll be posting one tip here every day until then to help get you and yours ready to go.
Today’s Tip: Give yourself permission to be conflicted.
  • It is natural for a parent or close caregiver to have mixed emotions about a child going to school.  You will likely feel sad, happy, proud, and scared all at once, especially if your child has not spent time in this type of setting before.  Give yourself permission to feel these things, and find other adults to talk to about your experiences.   
  • Some parents and caregivers have a difficult time dropping their child off on the first day.  Plan a calming activity for that morning, so that you have somewhere soothing to go to when you leave the school.  Even if you have to rush right to work, try to plan time for a short walk or a brief cup of coffee or tea, either on your own or with someone you feel comfortable being open and honest with about your feelings. 
  • And if you don’t feel conflicted? That’s ok too! Everyone is different and will react to this day differently. Whatever you feel is perfectly fine. There is never “one right way to feel” about anything.

Stay tuned tomorrow for tips on preparing your self for the actual drop-off.

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