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  Bienvenidos!  Thank you for reading our blog.  We hope you come by frequently and feel free to post and connect with us!  We are Pine Village Preschool, a Spanish Immersion Preschool for children ages 15month – 6yrs.  We are based in Boston, MA and we have been immersing children in Spanish for 10 years!  Pine Village helps working parents jumpstart their child’s world language proficiency and Kindergarten readiness, and we strengthen families and communities through multicultural awareness and global citizenship.

We hope to use this blog not only to share information and resources for parents and educators raising bilingual/multilingual children, but also to discuss issues of early childhood, preschool, and raising children in general.  In addition, we hope to touch on subjects such as women owned business, growing our business, linking to other like minded folk in our communities.  We hope to be a link for parents and educators and all folks who believe as we do, that exposure to a second or third (or 4th, 5th 6th…) language early in our lives has a multitude of advantages.

Our website is www.mybilingualpreschool.com
Please visit us often and feel free to ask us questions!

One of our favorite people is Naomi Steiner, M.D.  She has written the book “7 Steps To Raising a Bilingual Child”, and she has been a large contributor to our mission and strategies.  Her website and BLOG is: http://www.drnaomisteiner.com/

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