Singing with Kids in Spanish

Kids love music and singing as a fun activity to do together and YouTube is an excellent resource for adding new songs in Spanish to your repertoire! It’s a great way to learn new words and vocabulary. We’ve shared some fun classics with links to the YouTube videos along with the words and translations below. We hope you enjoy these songs with your little ones!

1. Cucu Cucu Cantaba la Rana

Cucú, cucú, cantaba la rana, Cucú, cucú, debajo del agua. Cucú, cucú, pasó un marinero Cucú, cucú, llevando romero. Cucú, cucú, pasó una criada Cucú, cucú, llevando ensalada. Cucú, cucú, pasó un caballero, Cucú, cucú, con capa y sombrero, Cucú, cucú, pasó una señora, Cucú, cucú, llevando unas moras. Cucú, cucú, le pedí un poquito, Cucú, cucú, no me quiso dar, Cucú, cucú, me puse a llorar. Cucu, cucu, the frog was singing, Cucu, cucu, under the water, Cucu, cucu, a sailor passed by, Cucu, cucu, bringing rosemary. Cucu, cucu, a maid passed by, Cucu, cucu, bringing salad, Cucu, cucu, a gentleman passed by, Cucu, cucu, with a coat and hat, Cucu, cucu, passed a lady, Cucu, cucu, bringing some blackberries. Cucu, cucu, I asked her for a little bit, Cucu, cucu, She did not want to give me any, Cucu, cucu, I began to cry.

2. Pin Pon

Pin Pón es un muñeco, muy guapo y de cartón, se lava la carita con agua y con jabón. Repeat Pin Pón siempre se peina con peine de marfil, y aunque se hace tirones no llora ni se hace así. Repeat Pin Pón dame la mano, con un fuerte apretón, yo quiero ser tu amigo Pin Pón, Pin Pón, Pin Pón. Pin Pon is a very handsome boy doll, Made out of cardboard. He washes his little face, With soap and water. (Repeat) Pin Pon always combs his hair, With an ivory comb. And even though it yanks, He doesn’t cry or go like this. (Repeat) Pin Pon give me your hand, And with a strong squeeze, I want to be your friend Pin Pon, Pin Pon, Pin Pon, Pin Pon.

3. Los Pollitos Dicen

Los pollitos dicen, pío, pío, pío, cuando tienen hambre cuando tienen frío. La gallina busca, el maíz y el trigo, les dá la comida, y les presta abrigo. Bajo sus dos alas, acurrucaditos, duermen los pollitos, hasta el otro día. Repeat all verses. Cuando se levantan, dicen mamacita, tengo mucha hambre, dame lombricitas. The little chicks say Pio, pio, pio, When they’re hungry, When they’re cold. The hen looks for Corn and wheat, She gives them food, And gives them a coat, Under her two wings, They cuddle up, And the little chicks sleep until the next day. Repeat all verses. When they wake up, they say “Mommy, I am very hungry, give me a little worm.”

4. Sol Solecito Caliéntame un Poquito

Sol, solecito, caliéntame un poquito, por hoy por mañana, por toda la semana, luna lunera, cascabelera, cinco pollitos y una ternera, caracol, caracol, a la una sale el sol sale Pinocho tocándo el tambor con una cuchara y tenedor Sun, little sun, warm me up a bit today, tomorrow, and all the week moon, moon, with bells/rattles five chicks and one calf snail, snail, the sun will come out at one o’clock while Pinocchio comes out playing his drum with a spoon and a fork

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  1. Laura Mandracho

    Lovely songs!!!! I will love to recommend Maria Elena Walsh’s songs and poems. I follow all your work and I think it’s amazing!!! Congratulations


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