School Spotlight: Pine Village Brookline

Opened in 2018, our Brookline location is located inside St. Paul’s Church right between Brookline Village and the Longwood Medical area. We designed this school to be bright and sunny featuring four small classrooms serving toddlers, preschoolers and PreK children. The Brookline school has a special community led by our Director, Cherina Contreras. Today’s blog features what makes the Brookline school such a wonderful place!

 Hello, my name is Cherina Contreras, I am from the Dominican Republic and I have been working at the Brookline school for a year. I started at the Brighton school where I was a teacher for 6 years. I am a happy person who likes to play, have fun with children. I always try to ensure that children have the best possible experience through education with lots of fun, combining music and books as a basic tool for learning. I am lover of music and dance and am so happy to be leading the Brookline school!

What makes Brookline a special place is that we all treat each other like family, and whenever someone new arrives, we welcome them with a lot of love. Our location also reflects who we are here. I love that the teachers have a lot of love and patience for the children and that makes both the transitions and the children’s day easier for them. This school is a place full of love, everyone who enters feels the brotherhood and affection that is offered, both to the families and the teachers.

A Typical Day at Pine Village Brookline

We start the day with some time for the children to have free play, breakfast and Circle time! Then afterwards, we will prepare activities, go out to the playground or walk to get some fresh air in nature. When we return inside, we would be having lunch time followed by a nap. A day here is focused on fun with learning involved in everything we do. We laugh, dance and have fun learning, both the children and the teachers!

Art is one thing that the children absolutely love. Here they have the freedom to explore different areas, but by making free art they are able to express themselves with painting or other forms. They also love to learn through music and dance. 

As of late, we have been working on fine motor skills, including the use of scissors, using various materials to develop hand movements, such as stringing large beads. Some other children have been working on transportation, pumpkins, Dinosaurs, and this week we are learning about geometric shapes. It all depends on the children’s unique interest we develop a plan to engage them in what they are most interested in!

What I hope for Pine Village is that it continues to be that great community space that has been established, that we continue to teach our little ones with love and laughter. This is a fundamental part of our schools and is part of our core values.

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