Spanish Tip of the Week: Cooking

Last week we suggested having mealtimes in Spanish as a way to encouraging bilingualism at home. Why not take it one step further?  Cooking a simple recipe with your children could be a great way to practice. How about some scrambled eggs?   
¡Utiliza las siguientes expresiones y vocabulario mientras cocinan!
Use the following expressions and vocabulary as you all cook! 
Juntemos los ingredientes (let’s put the ingredients together):
·         Huevos {way voz}(eggs)
·         Sal  {sal} (salt)
·         Queso {que sew} (cheese)
·         Cebolla {say boy ah}(onions)
·         Jamón {ha mon}(ham)
·         Pimentones {pee men tone ace}(peppers)
·         Champiñones {champe een yone ace}(mushrooms)
·         Jugo de naranja {who go day nah rahn ha}(orange juice)
·         Leche {lay chay}(milk)
·         Agua {ah gua}(water)
·         Aceite {ah say tay}(oil)
·         Tomates {toe mah tays} (tomatoes)
·         Corta la cebolla (cut the onion)
·        Rompe los huevos (crack the eggs)
·         Bate los huevos (scramble the eggs)
·        Agrega la sal (add the salt)
·        Sirve la leche (serve the milk)
·         Toma tu leche (drink your milk)
·         Come tus huevos (eat your eggs)

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