Over the years Pine Village has become a remarkable preschool, filled with families who want their children to have a culturally rich preschool experience. Our philosophy begins and ends with the belief that Pine Village should make the Early Education experience truly meaningful for both children and families. We can do this because we have excellent educators who are committed to sharing their culture and heritage with the children each and every day within an academically strong preschool environment.

The impact we have on the lives of children is a huge responsibility and a great honor. We all know that a positive early childhood experience has a huge impact on many aspects of life as children grow older. Our purpose is to have children leave Pine Village with a healthy sense of self-confidence and a life long love of learning.

Diversity, warmth, happiness, LOVE and total acceptance are integral components of the Pine Village philosophy. With this in mind, we welcome all families to be a part of our community. We support families who have adopted children from all over the world; we support families with one mommy and/or one daddy. We support extended families, families with two mommies or two daddies, working parents and non-working parents alike. We embrace our teachers who come from all over the world, with varied traditions and customs. We advocate diversity through our belief that differences in people are a beautiful thing and that if the seed of acceptance and inclusion is planted in children in these early years, the world we live in has a greater chance of unity, peace, and acceptance.

We are committed to the belief that our journey through this earth should leave it a better place: there is no better way to do this than by having a positive and lasting effect on the generations that come after us. Pine Village has been in existence since 2001 and we see the impact that teachers have had on the lives of the many children who have graduated from our program. We have children and parents who come back to visit, volunteer, or attend our summer camp, many years after they have graduated. The common thread is that each of them remembers Pine Village as a special place where they were loved, nurtured, and introduced to learning and language in a positive way. Pine Village children have a pay it forward type of attitude.  It is natural for them to support and care for others in a very special way. This is the power of an excellent educational philosophy, a great responsibility and an even greater reward.