It truly takes a village, as we all well know. Below are some of the many organizations that help us constantly evolve:


Kaymbu was founded by Pine Village parent Kin Lo as a way to harness the power of web and mobile technologies to strengthen relationships between preschool teachers, families and their children. By providing iPads for each classroom, Kaymbu allows teachers to efficiently capture and securely share activities with families. Each week (and in some cases more frequently) parents receive a compilation of photos of their child’s activities, thereby opening up communications both between parents and teachers, but also between parents and their children. At a deeper level, the software also streamlines internal documentation processes for child portfolios, licensing, assessment and accreditation.

Research Schools Initiative (RSI)

Research Schools Initiative

Research Schools Initiative (RSI) was started by Dr. Christina Hinton (adjunct lecturer at Harvard Graduate School of Education [HGSE]), with the support of Professor Kurt Fischer (Harvard lecturer, now emeritus), and Bruno della Chiesa (a visiting lecturer at Harvard). The goal of the initiative has been to link research with practice, which is a new approach; prior to this research was done more for the sake of research and driven by universities as opposed to the people who were directly affected by it and could then put the research into practice, test it out and tweak it as it pertained to their schools’ needs. This approach is research by the people for the people and supported by researchers rather than driven by researchers. For more information about our partnership, see

Community Therapeutic Day School (CTDS)


Lexington’s Community Therapeutic Day School (CTDS), founded in 1974, enrolls children ages 3-12 with complex emotional and neurologic difficulties that interfere with their learning. CTDS is a small, caring environment where they support the whole child.

G3 Consulting Group

G3 Consulting Group

G3 was founded in 2013 to deliver leadership training and provide access to curated experts to a variety of organizations across the United States. G3 builds integral online and offline, customizable workplace training programs for organizations that want to activate and elevate employees’ untapped leadership and productivity capabilities and inspire them to enlarge their vision, enrich their experiences, and maximize their lives. Founder Susan Leger-Ferraro works collaboratively with a team of trainers who have greater than 30 years of success in training, evaluation, content delivery and leadership across sectors and accessed 45M+ in innovative capital and grants to creatively and powerfully co create a world that works for everyone.