15 Years of Teamwork

We’ve made it to 15 years because we believe in it and we value it.

Teamwork is the secret sauce for any business and is essential to the success of any business in any industry. And as much as we don’t want to think of Pine Village as a business nor do we always make decisions as if it were a business, in order to continue to improve we must do so.

We look to our PVP parents as integral members of this team. We need the participation and cooperation of parents and caregivers alongside our educators and the admin team to be able to create this amazing experience for the children. And understanding the parent perspective and experience is essential for us.

Over the summer, we asked enrolled and graduating Pine Village parents to complete a survey for us regarding their experience at Pine Village during the 2014-2015 school year. Each year we create a parent survey, with the intention of using the information we gather to help us understand the parent experience and improve in the areas in which we exhibit weaknesses.

From the 120 responses from parents/caregivers that participated, we learned that the vast majority of Pine Village families are very happy with their experience. 98% of families have had a “Great” to “Excellent” overall experience. We also learned:

  • 98% of parents feel their children are having a good to excellent experience building social and emotional skills and preparing for the next academic steps.
  • 92% of families would recommend or have already recommended Pine Village to their friends and family.
  • 85% of families feel that their child has made good to excellent progress in overall Spanish language acquisition.


Also included in the survey were some short answer questions that allowed parents to make suggestions and tell us exactly what areas they felt were lacking or need additional support, as well as highlight areas that they were happy with. There were several themes that rung out this year and we have sent a more detailed letter to all of our currently enrolled families to share the details. We’re happy to say, however, that one of those items—longer hours—was addressed with the 6:00 p.m. pick-up time that was instituted for the 2015-2016 school year.

As the founders of Pine Village we look forward to pouring over every word of these surveys each year, and as always, greatly value hearing from our families. Feedback is crucial to our success…and our success is clearly good for everyone at Pine Village Preschool.

In this very exciting 15th year having the privilege of running Pine Village, we are so very grateful to everyone who has added to this amazing program as a part of the team. We have learned as much from you as we hope you have from us. We thank you for every day we have had the honor of caring for children over the past 15 years and we look forward to more learning and many more years together, as a team.

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