Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year

Dear Pine Village Families!
Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!
This year is our 20th anniversary! We opened the very first Pine Village Preschool in Brighton on September 4, 2001, with 21 children. Myself, Brid, and our good friend and teacher Alicia, all together in our little pine tree lined, brick, schoolhouse had no idea that 2001 would be such a life changing year in so many ways. What a journey these past twenty years have been! We have met and learned from the most amazing educators, trainers and professionals in the field, and our lives have been enriched by every family and child that has crossed our path. We could not be more grateful. Now, on to the next twenty!!
It is our mission to provide you and your children with a high-quality preschool experience, filled with joyous educational experiences in a culturally rich bilingual environment. This requires an abundance of excellent bilingual preschool teachers willing and able to join us at Pine Village. As you all must be aware, the labor market is in flux and there is an extreme shortage of available workers in the labor force; there is not one industry out there that is exempt from this shortage, but we believe the early childhood sector has been hit particularly hard due to several factors, including a women-dominated workforce now faced with caring for their own children as well as pre-pandemic wages that were lower than other industries to begin with. And as you have no doubt seen in the news of late, many programs have been forced to close classrooms or, worse, shut down completely due to the pandemic and all of the side effects of this insane current event.
Thankfully, we are in a wonderful position where we do not have to close any classrooms or retract offers of enrollment for any child at our schools. We have successfully hired ample staff to open our classrooms and serve all of the children enrolled. Our school directors and the admin teams have been working hard to train and prepare all newly hired staff as well as continue to search for and hire new staff to help support the schools.
In thinking back to September 2001, it is sometimes beyond comprehension to think how much has changed during these past twenty years and seeing some of those first PVP babies in pictures as the college students they now are gives us so much joy. We are so grateful to each and every one of you to be on this journey with us, whether you are continuing from previous terms of just joining us for the first time.

Here’s to an amazing year full of Love, Laughter, Language, and Learning!
With love,
Emma, Brid, and the PVP Admin team

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