Teacher Appreciation Day!

TEACHERS_1Here at Pine Village, March 17 isn’t just St. Patrick’s Day, or even Evacuation Day (although, we suppose, at a preschool, every day is evacuation day, potty-trained or not [potty humor/pun fully intended]). PVP also has designated March 17 as Teacher Appreciation Day. Co-founder Brid Martin explains why in the post below.

One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child.” — Carl Jung 

There are very few, if any, professions that demand the skills and personal qualities required to be a preschool teacher. In fact I would say it isn’t so much a profession or a job; it is more a way of life. A calling.

I believe true teachers are born and not created; they are a rare breed, born with the heart and soul of one who can teach. Whether they start out as teachers at a young age or come to it at a later stage in life, all who love it come to know it as “home” when they find it. It is so truly amazing; Gala - Needhamit not only brings personal fulfillment but it allows one to contribute in a meaningful way to this world. This is my one wish for everyone, whatever their chosen field is; it is the best recipe I know for happiness and success in life. I feel incredibly fortunate and privileged to work with a group of people who embody this.

The life of a preschool teacher is not simple, one dimensional, or easy. A good teacher is much more than a teacher; he or she is also nurse, surrogate parent, psychologist, friend, mentor, actor, musician, artist, clown, handyman… The list goes on. Teachers are not only wearing all of these hats on any given day, but they are tasked with the enormous responsibility of educating and nurturing our future generations. They will leave a lasting first impression on the way these children behave in and view the world. They know that creating a wonderful world for the future starts with what happens with these children today.

When we show children how to be kind, caring, empathetic human beings, they will in turn treat people with respect, compassion and love. Just think of all of the issues in the world today that arise from intolerance and hate—from bullying to terrorism and war. Call me idealistic and naïve for thinking that preschool teachers could make a dent in this, but I do! I see it when I walk into a classroom made up of children from varied backgrounds and ethnicities working together in harmony!!

Although we are fully aware that one specific day does not even come close to showing how much we appreciate this group of dedicated professionals—and we hope they feel appreciated on all 365 days of the year—several years ago, we decided to designate a special day each year as “Teacher Appreciation Day.” That day at Pine Village is today.

Teachers are what make the world go round. We owe such a great debt of gratitude to all of our amazing teachers here at Pine Village. Emma and I are so blessed to have a wonderful group of dedicated teachers who we count on daily to educate and nurture the children who come to our schools. We invite all of our families past and present to join us in saying “Thank You” to this special group of people.Teacher-Collage

4 Responses to “Teacher Appreciation Day!”

  1. Samson's Mama

    We fell in love with Isabella and continue to love and appreciate her more and more every day. Pine Village (Revere St) is a special place. Thanks for being a loving, safe, happy, learning environments for Samson. He says I picked the best School! 🙂

  2. Katie Brillantes

    Thank you to Claudia at PV Kendall Square. My daughter loved seeing her warm and welcoming smile everyday. Her creative energy, love for the children, and compassion were amazing. Thank you!

    • Jen Doyle

      Thank you, Katie! We are loving hearing from parents about their teachers! Please feel free to share this post! 🙂


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