Hurricane Relief and Pine Village Preschool

Dear Pine Village Families & Friends,

Two weeks ago, as we watched coverage of the destruction and hardship caused by the hurricanes in Texas and Florida, we wanted to do something to help. It is hard to imagine what this experience has been like for everyone living through it while also so difficult for us to watch the human suffering. In an effort to help alleviate the suffering caused by this devastation, we created a fundraising webpage through Save the Children and launched it with a $5,000 contribution.

In the short time that it’s taken for us to make this happen and spread the word to you, Hurricane Maria cut its path through Puerto Rico, causing even greater destruction. This hurricane hit even closer to home as many members of our Pine Village family have relatives and close friends in Puerto Rico. Over the past week we have been watching, along with our teachers and families, waiting to hear news from loved ones.

It is with these events in mind that we ask you to join us by donating any amount you can*, either directly through the first link, or by choosing one of the other organizations listed on the subsequent webpages:

* Hurricane IRMA:…/pinevillagepreschool [Donations are 100% tax deductible; Save the Children’s Tax ID # is 060726487]
* Hurricane HARVEY:…
* Hurricane MARIA:…
* Charity Navigator’s List of Other Giving Initiatives:…

We also encourage you to read Charity Navigator’s blog post on giving after a natural disaster at:…/charity-navigator-discus….

With love and Gratitude,

Emma, Brid & The Pine Village Team

* Because of the difficulties in getting shipments of aid to families in Puerto Rico, we are not at this time collecting goods of any kind (although some of our teachers have organized their own drives and we encourage you to support them if you are so inclined; please talk to your director). Our expectation is that need for these items will continue to grow throughout the coming months and we will conduct an organization-wide drive once donation channels are more clearly established.

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