February is the month for Friendship: Spanish Tips for Toddlers and Preschoolers

SPECIAL ACTIVITY: With red and pink everywhere you see this month, try going on a “Color Hunt” for the colors rojo and rosado around the house! (“Donde esta el color rojo?”)

February is a great opportunity for you to work with your child on building loving friendships. Other words that a child can learn in Spanish are amor and amigo(s). These words can be very exciting and fun to learn while encouraging the importance of friendship too!

STotW Vocab_2-12-15When you are saying these words or phrases in Spanish, try to emphasize the importance of being a good friend.

Some Examples:

I love my friends at school.
Yo amo a mis amigos en la escuela.

I go to school with my friends.
Yo voy a la escuela con mis amigos.

I share with my friends.
Yo comparto con mis amigos.

I have lots of friends.
Yo tengo muchos amigos.

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