Monthly Archives: November 2012

Fun on the Farm

On November 14th, Pine Village and the South End Branch library collaborated to bring families a Spanish language story time.  Activities were themed around farms and farm animals, and included songs, books, and an art project.   Karina and Myrna have real fun on the imaginary farm! The event was a true example of team-work.  Our… Read more »

Spanish Tip of the Week: Meal Times

A sample label for the kitchen Here at Pine Village, we get asked one question a lot- what is the best way to help my child become or stay bilingual?  As we have stated in previous posts, we believe there is never one “right way” to do anything.  What works best for your family depends… Read more »

Spanish Tip of the Week: Traveling

Nos vamos de viaje! Many families will be traveling this week for the Thanksgiving holiday.  What better time to learn words about travel in Spanish?! Useful words: Nouns A pretend “avión” from our Needham school el fin de semana: the weekendel carro: the carla mochila/el bulto: the backpack/bagla maleta: the suitcaseel avión: the airplanela merienda:… Read more »