Spanish Tip of the Week: Traveling

Nos vamos de viaje!

Many families will be traveling this week for the Thanksgiving holiday.  What better time to learn words about travel in Spanish?!

Useful words:


A pretend “avión” from our Needham school

el fin de semana: the weekend
el carro: the car
la mochila/el bulto: the backpack/bag
la maleta: the suitcase
el avión: the airplane
la merienda: the snack


viajar: to travel
manejar/conducir: to drive
llegar: to arrive


en camino: on the road, on the way

Useful phrases:

¿Puedes llevar tu mochila, por favor?: Can you carry your bag, please?
Vamos a viajar por carro/Estamos manejando: We are going by car/We’re driving.
Estamos en camino: We are on our way/We are on the road.
Llegaremos a (la una): We will be there at (one o’clock)
¿Quieres una merienda?: Would you like a snack?

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