Back to School Tip #2

It’s that time again.  Summer is winding down and school is almost back in session.  Whether they’ve been away for the entire summer or only a week or two, it can be hard for your little ones -and for you- to readjust to the school year.  Most Pine Village locations open on September 6.  We’ll be posting one tip here every day until then to help get you and yours ready to go.

Today’s Tip: Talking about school to the experienced student

  •  If your child has been to school before, ask your child questions about her day at school.  What does she already know about school? What will happen?  Who will she see? What language will she speak?   
  • Ask your child what he is still wondering about.  What will his new classroom be like? Where will he put his lunchbox? Which playground will he go to? What songs will he sing?   
  • Be sure to emphasize that though some things will be different, a lot will be the same as what she is already used to.

 Stay tuned tomorrow for tips on talking to children about their first ever day of school.

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