Back to School Tip #3

It’s that time again.  Summer is winding down and school is almost back in session.  Whether they’ve been away for the entire summer or only a week or two, it can be hard for your little ones -and for you- to readjust to the school year.  Most Pine Village locations open on September 6.  We’ll be posting one tip here every day until then to help get you and yours ready to go.
Today’s tip: Talking about school to a child who has never been before

  • If your child has never been to school, talk about what he can expect.  Emphasize that his  teacher will take care of him until you (or whichever other familiar caregiver) can pick them up.   
  • Emphasize the parts of school that will be familiar, or “what is the same” as what she does at home.  “You will have lunch at school, just like we have lunch at home.  You will sing songs at school, just like we sing songs at home!” Talk briefly about what will be different, but remind your child that this is something she CAN do.

Stay tuned tomorrow when we will bring you tips on managing your own emotions about your child going back to school or going for the first time. 

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