Enjoy the Holidays in Spanish

Happy Holiday Season! The holidays are here. No matter what you celebrate, it’s a festive time of year and a perfect opportunity to make the most out of the season with your kids! To fully immerse your kids and your family in the Spanish language and culture, we love sharing tips and vocab to practice at home, so your kids can really get excited about what they are learning and utilize Spanish words during special events at home!


Hanukkah….Hanukkah (some words are the same in both languages – kids loving learning these!)

Menorah…Menorah (Same!)



Christmas Tree……árbol de Navidad

New Year’s…….Año Nuevo

present: regalo

Santa…..Santa (same name for the big guy in any language)


Holiday…….dia de fiesta



Happy Holidays and Happy New Years!

Felices fiestas y un feliz año nuevo!

Spanish Culture also has an interesting Christmas history! To learn more about what people in Spain eat on Christmas Eve, why they call the church service “The Mass of the Rooster” and more, check out: https://www.whychristmas.com/cultures/spain.shtml

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