Spanish Tip – Keeping Spanish Fun!!

A great way to keep children interested in practicing Spanish is to make it fun! Children want to speak and interact with the people they admire and about the things that interest them. Who do they admire most? You! Tie Spanish into family game night or watch a favorite movie in Spanish!

Another fun way to connect with your child in Spanish every day is through a daily personal message. You can put a message in his or her lunchbox or backpack in Spanish. Here are some fun ones to try:

Te quiero mucho.
(Tay Kee-ero Moo-cho)
 I love you very much.
Estoy pensando en ti.
(Eh-stoy Pen-sahn-do En Tee)
 I am thinking about you.
Esta tarde vamos a ____.
(Eh-stah Tar-day Vah-mos ah ____.)
This afternoon we are going to ____.

You can use pictures for beginning readers. Younger children, who aren’t reading yet, can have their teacher read the note for them. It is encouraging and special for your child to share their new language with you!

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