Spanish Tip of the Week – Socializing

When we take our children to the playground, a party, or any other kind of event, we tend to use a number of phrases to encourage them to initiate play and navigate typical Toddler- & Preschool-age interactions.

Normally, many of us do this in English. Now that you’re part of a community of families dedicated to giving their child(ren) the gift of bilingualism, why not try it in Spanish?! 
Here are some useful phrases to encourage your child to socialize positively with other children:

You: “Ask him/her what her name is.”

Your child: “What is your name?”       
“Preguntale como se llama.”
(preh-GOON-tah-lay KO-mo say yama)

“¿Como te llamas?”
(KO-mo tay yamas?)
You: “Ask if s/he wants to play!”

Your child: “Do you want to play?“       
“Pregúntale si le gustaría jugar!”
(preh-GOON-tah-lay see lay goosta-ria hoo-gar)

“¿Quieres jugar?”
(KEY-eh-res HOO-gar?)
You: “S/he would like a turn.  Please share.”

Your Child: “Here you go. It’s your turn.”
“Ella/El quiere un turno. Comparte por favor.”
(EH-ya KEY-eh-reh oon TOUR-no)

“Toma. Es tu turno.”
(To-ma. ESS too TOUR-no)

(Have fun!)

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