Back to School Tip #5

It’s that time again.  Summer is winding down and school is almost back in session.  Whether they’ve been away for the entire summer or only a week or two, it can be hard for your little ones -and for you- to readjust to the school year.  Most Pine Village locations open on September 6.  We’ll be posting one tip here every day until then to help get you and yours ready to go.
Today’s Tip: Prepare yourself to prepare your child

  • Many parents and caregivers tell their child that they will miss them on the first day, but make sure that isn’t the only message you are sending.  Make sure that positives get emphasized.  Try saying something like “Aren’t you excited to start school?  I will miss you while you are there, but I am so proud of you.  You are really growing up!”  Your child should feel strong and confident the first day.  They will certainly miss you, but they should know that they can and will enjoy school too.  
  • Decide upon your “good-bye routine” in advance so that your child will know what to expect. Some parents and caregivers use 2 kisses to signal that it is time to part for the day.  Don’t rush out the door, but don’t linger too long in the classroom either.  A calm, orderly exit communicates to your child that you trust their teacher and feel confident in your child’s abilities to enjoy a day at school without you.  If you need to cry, that’s ok!  Just do your best to wait until you are out of your child’s sight-line.  Most directors and principals are well equipped to ease the transition to school for grown-ups as well as children.  Know that you are not the first to have this reaction and you won’t be the last.  It’s much more common than most people think.  We included it in this blog post, didn’t we?  Take advantage of the resources available to you at your child’s school to give yourself time and space to express your own emotions
  • We said it here yesterday, but we are going to say it again today, if you aren’t conflicted or sad, that’s fine too!  However you feel on your child’s first day is a perfectly ok way to feel.  

Thanks for reading!  Stay tuned tomorrow for our last and final back to school tip of the year!

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