Spanish Tip of the Week: A game to try at home

If you are looking for more opportunities to practice Spanish with your children, repetitive games, songs, and rhymes can be a great way to build vocabulary and increase your child’s comfort level while using Spanish. Try this game at home to practice syntax and color names. Remember, in Spanish we usually put the adjective after the noun, such as in camisa azul (blue shirt), pantalones rojos (red pants), or zapatos negros (black shoes). This game will help you practice.

“¿Dónde está el osito?” 

Cover some paper cups with colored construction paper, or have your child color or paint white cups.

Hide a small object under the paper cup (like a small bear) and have your child guess where it is by asking them…

 “Where is the bear?”
“¿Dónde está el osito?”
(Dohn-deh eh-stah el oh-see-toe)

Only the person who hides the object can touch the cups so they HAVE to practice their Spanish to figure out where it is!

Encourage full sentences like

“The bear is under the blue cup.”
“El osito está bajo el vaso azul.” 
(El oh-see-toe eh-stah bah-joe el vah-soe ah-sool)

Keep guessing in Spanish until they find it. For more variations, label the cups with letters, numbers, or shapes instead of using colors.  Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!

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