Spanish Tip of the Week: Talking about the weather

¿Cómo está el clima/tiempo hoy?  

What is the weather like today?
With all the ups and downs in the weather lately, why not try talking about it in Spanish?  There are some idioms to be aware of, but don’t worry.  We’ve got you covered!
In English, we use the verb “to be” to describe the weather.  In Spanish, however, we use the verb “hacer”, which means “to do” or “to make”.  Practice saying these phrases to talk about what it is like outside today!
Hoy hace calor.
It’s hot today.
Hoy hace frio.
It’s cold today.
Hoy hace viento.
It’s windy today.
Hoy hace sol.
It’s sunny today.
Action verbs for weather work similarly in Spanish and English.  Try these examples.
Está lloviendo.
It’s raining.
Está nevando.
It’s snowing.
Está granizando.
It’s hailing.
Now try putting it all together!  You can talk about the weather like a pro!
Hoy hace frio en Boston pero no está nevando.
It’s cold in Boston today, but it’s not snowing.

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