Brid and Marina Take Part in the Sunday Times Festival of Education

For this past school year, Pine Village (our Brighton and Kendall locations, to be specific) has been involved in a research project with Harvard University. The project is part of the Research Schools International project initiative led by Harvard Graduate School of Education to bridge the gap between research and practice in the field of education.

Research Schools International brings together partner schools from around the world to collaborate with Harvard researchers to carry out school-based research, lead professional development, and disseminate findings to the broader educational community. Once the research projects are completed and the data has been compiled, it is presented at an International Symposium. We are thrilled to have Co-Founder Brid Martin and Community Director Marina Ituarte taking part of this year’s symposium, which is happening in London this week.

The schools (and university), in addition to Pine Village Preschool, that are participating in the Research Schools Symposium this year are:

Wellington College (UK)
St. George’s School (US)
St. Andrew’s Episcopal School (US)
Bedales School (UK)
Mid-Pacific Institute (Hawaii, US)
Colegio Rio Blanco (Brazil)
Universidad San Francisco de Quito (Ecuador)

In addition, there are special guests from Singapore, Germany and France. It will be a very exciting event!

This year’s Symposium is being held at Wellington College and is part of a larger conference that is taking place there today and tomorrow (June 18 & 19). The Festival of Education is one of the largest education conferences in the world with 200 speakers and over 2000 attendees expected each day. We are incredibly honored to have Pine Village represented at the festival. Brid and Marina will be leading a round table discussion on Happiness with fellow educators James Heal, Researcher at Research Schools International, and Glenn Whitman, Director of The Center of Transformative Teaching and Learning at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School. The purpose of this roundtable discussion is to settle on a research question that can be studied cross-culturally next academic year by interested schools. To see exactly what the festival is about and all of the amazing speakers who are participating, go to:

We are so very excited to have Pine Village Preschool at this event. It is an amazing opportunity to network with all the other schools involved, to be in the company of world leaders in the field of education—and to bring news about Pine Village to the international community!

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