School Highlight: Kendall Square Pine Village Preschool

Just a short walk from the Kendall T stop, you can find our open welcoming preschool for kids of all ages starting at 15 months! With individual classrooms, quiet spaces, along with music and movement classes, our Kendall Square preschool is bustling with activities. We love being connected to the community through our large sunny window space, as well as located nearby a wonderful playground, outdoor concerts and even an ice skating rink in the winter.

Read on to learn a bit more about what makes our Kendall Square preschool so special, from the Director, Diana Medina:

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Diana Medina, born in Dominican Republic, a part of a small island in the Caribbean where I discovered my passion and curiosity for human behavior. After having spent 2 years in medical school I understood that my place was in psychology and learning, so I initiated my learning path. I studied school psychology at the university in my country and later, with the support of my parents, I decided to expand my knowledge in that area and culminate my Master’s degree in Cognitive Psychology and Learning with a specialty in Neuropsychology in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina; a country I totally fell in love with. During and after my studies, I can say that I have dedicated all my efforts to seek and fight for the physical and emotional well-being of children.

In my country I was previously a teacher, a school consultant, a psychologist and a therapist for children with special education needs, but about 5 years ago, my husband and I decided to embark on a new adventure. We came to the United States and became parents! Carlitos changed our lives completely, he has taught me to see life from another point of view, not just as a professional in the field of the child development. I love my chaotic, beautiful mother life and am working to find a balance as a mother of a family, a professional all while being healthy and happy.

Working in Pine Village Preschool, first as a volunteer and then as a teacher and now Director at Kendall Square, I found a place that welcomed me from almost the beginning! I have learned many things here and I have found a place as a home away from home that keeps me in touch with what I love. It has given me the opportunity to grow and learn every day from the children. I want to be able to contribute as much as possible in the lives of these little ones while also absorbing great things from them.

What makes the Kendall school location special?

I think what makes Kendall special is the great community that exists here…. the children, the parents and staff always work together to achieve everything we set out to do as a community. The teachers are a great team, and the parents are always willing to help, and the atmosphere here in Kendall square is totally beautiful and full of life. We are a beautiful family. And why not to mention that walking around Kendall square is a great experience 😊

How has the school and community thrived during the pandemic?

Incredibly. This pandemic taught us and unified us much more as a community. Kendall’s community, during the time I have been here, has always been united, but now more than ever. At first, I thought that the lack of contact was going to affect our connection as a family, but I think it made us stronger. With the support of everyone, we have been able to overcome this difficult yes, but full of learning and resilience. The year came with a lot of compassion and creativity from both parents and teachers to always maintain our connection and love.

What are the kids’ favorite activities in class?

The children love the activities outside, going to the park, reading books in nature, activities such as camping and big creations of art. They have a great time doing camping houses outside or exploring nature! For their favorite activities, the messier the better…. muddy with paint their bodies, shaving cream or play with water….they love the exploration of textures and if we adding music doubles the fun!

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