Bilingual Beginnings Program for Kindergartners

As we all emerge from our quarantines and face the new realities of work, life, and school, we are challenged to find new ways to meet current and ever-changing demands. And we are finding new ways to rise up to new challenges. Pine Village is therefore pleased to announce a new program for children enrolled in public or private school PreK or Kindergarten (also known as K1 and K2, depending on the school system).

Over the past four months, we became heavily engaged with other early childhood providers and networks of educators who are creating ways to serve ongoing family needs. It became clear that there would be a need to provide care and support for families whose children were supposed to start a PreK or Kindergaretn program in elementary school, but have decided that either they want to completely opt out, or simply need support during the week with the educational components of home schooling.  

We began the conceptual work while we were closed, and we are very excited to be able to offer families a special place for their kindergartners to learn during this coming school year.  

Bilingual Beginnings for Kindergartners 
In response to the proposed hybrid or fully remote experience most public schools will be offering for the upcoming school year, Pine Village is proud to offer parents a supplemental program where your child will have support with his or her at-home curriculum provided by your public school system, all while being immersed in our familiar Spanish Immersion environment.

We have been able to create learning spaces especially for PreK/Kindergartners within several of our schools where they can enjoy a true kindergarten experience with the support of our amazing school directors, our qualified teachers, and our entire Pine Village organization. 

Here they will have support to complete the public-school kindergarten at-home curriculum, build language proficiency in Spanish, and continue to work on problem solving and enhancing those critical thinking skills, as well as continued support in the very important area of social and emotional wellness.

Every day will include exciting activities that offer a balance between academic, creative and physical activities. Children will enjoy a day filled with love, laughter, learning and language in a caring environment. Each day will bring new adventures in learning and personal development.

Our staff will have access to the public-school kindergarten guidelines and curriculum and will provide enrichment activities all designed to prepare your child for entry into public school.

This September we will offer this new program in our Brighton, Brookline, Kendall Square, Newton Highlands, and South End locations. All five locations will have separate classrooms with a dedicated teacher. We can accommodate full or part time schedules (2-5 days per week) and will offer both the school day option as well as the full day option.  Program cost will follow the preschool tuition schedules for the location you choose.  

If you are interested in your child attending this program please contact us at and let us know you are interested in the “Bilingual Beginnings” option.

We thank you as always for your support and look forward to serving you and your families school needs this year.

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