Conscious Discipline For Your Preschooler

Here at Pine Village, you may have heard or are aware that we use a classroom management and classroom discipline approach called Conscious Discipline (CD). CD is a mindfulness-based approach to classroom management that uses a unique set of tools and instructor resources. The brainchild of Becky A. Bailey, Ph.D., an internationally recognized expert in childhood education and developmental psychology, it is based on current brain research, child development, and best practices. The program focuses on “internal resources” of connection and problem solving rather than “external” sources such as rewards and punishments.

At our schools, we provide an environment where children have the opportunity to verbalize feelings and release tension, in a safe and socially acceptable manner. In some situations a child may be redirected as a way to help them regain self-control and think about a better solution to a problem.

Because Conscious Discipline is such a major part of Pine Village, we recently hosted a teleclass with Mommybites Boston to further spread this management tool to help parents with their own preschoolers. In the teleclass, we discussed exactly how it works, how to use it at home and implement it with your kids including some easy, practical advice to help in everyday situations with your little ones.


To learn more about the teleclass and get conscious discipline resources, you can visit Mommybites Boston website here OR you can click on the link below to listen to the recorded teleclass.

Recorded Teleclass

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