Monthly Archives: October 2012

Spanish Tip of the Week: High Frequency Phrases

As children begin to learn a new language, it is great to to encourage spontaneity and speed. The first step toward being spontaneous is to master the usage of a reasonable number of high frequency expressions used in conversation in these countries. Try these out!!   De memoria By heart Por lo menos At least… Read more »

DIY: Handmade toys for school and home

Many parents, relatives, and caregivers enjoy creating handmade toys for their children.  This is a really great way to continually give your children new materials to explore, without breaking the bank.  Re-using materials from your home also sets a wonderful example for children of how to use re-purposed materials in a way that is environmentally… Read more »

A Spanish Tip from Pine Village

Trabajando Con Géneros Gramáticales Working With Grammatical Genders The Spanish language classifies nouns as either male or female which can be tricky especially when differentiating them in writing. Here is an informal shortcut to use when differentiating between both male and female nouns when writing: To refer to both genders, simply end the word with… Read more »

Pine Village Harvest Fest this Saturday

Looking for something fun to do this weekend?  Pine Village Preschool is holding a free Harvest Fest at our South End location.  This is a wonderful opportunity to spend a Saturday enjoying Autumn-themed activities together with your child.  Songs, art activities, and games will be presented bilingually in English and Spanish by Pine Village’s talented… Read more »