Spanish Tip of the week: Estar afuera

Estar Afuera!

(Being Outside!)

Some days it feels like Springand some days it feels like the groundhog must have seen quite the shadow, because we are clearly in for several more weeks of winter. But no matter how it feels, the fact is that we’ve almost arrived. It’s almost that time of year when when sunshine, flowers, and raindrops on roses replace snow, sleet, and “wintery mix”. Lots of time will spent outside, and the places we go, the games we play, and the toys we use will change. You’re creating memories every day as a family… why not create them in two languages?! Here are a few phrases to help you prepare and to keep your spirits up, even if the mercury isn’t. (Again, we’re almost there!)

Let’s go/we’re going… 

to the beach
 to the pool
 to the park
 to the sprinkler park
a la playa
 a la piscina
 al parque
 al parque de los   aspersores

Do you want to play…

¿Quieres jugar…

with sand
 with water
 in the sprinkler
 in the back yard
con arena
 con agua
 en el aspersor
 en el jardín

(Have fun!)

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