Pine Village Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15th through October 15th. Here at Pine Village, Hispanic heritage is celebrated all year, but during this month, every Pine Village school will highlight the food, customs, and unique characteristics that are the foundation of our teachers lives. It is an opportunity to celebrate each of our teachers and directors, while they are able to share their background and heritage with each other, their students, and our entire Pine Village family.

Pine Village is proud to recognize and celebrate the many contributions, diverse cultures, and extensive histories of the Hispanic and Latino community. As a Spanish Immersion School, the Spanish language is the center of our program. We believe that learning another language is much more than just words. It gives us an opportunity to expose our children to all of the very rich cultures of the communities that speak the language we immerse ourselves in every day. 

Here’s a few ways our classrooms are celebrating this month:

If you want to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month more, here are a few more events around the Boston area:

2023 Hispanic & Latino 5K: The Hispanic & Latino 5K is a local family event in Somerville celebrating Hispanic and Latino Heritage Month and highlighting the community and organizations around the area. A great time for the whole family, the event also raises money for local Hispanic and Latino non-profits!

 Fiesta en La Plaza: Throughout the entire month, Boston’s City Hall Plaza is hosting a variety of events to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. With events for everyone, you can choose from theater groups, poetry readings, mariachi music salsa classes and more!

Boston Public Library Programming: Throughout September and October, the Boston Public Library is hosting a variety of events for kids including bilingual storytelling, craft time, and Latin + Meso-American/Aztec music!

Lowell Hispanic & Latinx Festival On September 30th, The Hispanic and Latinx Community of Lowell is hosting a fun-filled family day celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. The festival features an entire day of events, activities with music, food and fun!

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