Spanish Tip of the Week: Thanksgiving Vocabulary

Just in time for Thanksgiving: Spanish Tips of the Week are BACK. Do something different and add a little Spanish fun to the table! Use some Spanish vocabulary to talk about the food you will eat, to have a conversation, and to surprise everyone.

Here’s some Thanksgiving vocabulary:

Turkey- El Pavo (pah-voe)
Stuffing- El Relleno (reh-ye-no)
Cranberries- Los Arándanos (are-and-ah-nose) Potatoes- Las Papas
Salad- La Ensalada (en-sah-lah-dah)
Pie- La Tarta (tar-tah)

If you want to add a little conversation, just add some verbs to the vocabulary:

Quieres _______? Do you want ___________?
Pasa el/la/los _______________. Pass the __________________.
Te gusta(n) el/la/los ___________? Do you like _________________? Mas ___________ por favor! More _____________ please!

And as you welcome or say goodbye to friends and family, don’t forget to wish them a happy Thanksgiving:

Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias!

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