Monthly Archives: January 2013

Spanish Tip of the Week: Talking about the weather

¿Cómo está el clima/tiempo hoy?   What is the weather like today? With all the ups and downs in the weather lately, why not try talking about it in Spanish?  There are some idioms to be aware of, but don’t worry.  We’ve got you covered! In English, we use the verb “to be” to describe… Read more »

Spanish Tip of the Week- Pretend Vacations

Take a pretend vacation and practice Spanish! It is cold out lately in Boston- and then it’s fairly mild- and then it’s cold again.  All this back and forth just seems to make the colder days that much colder!  If you are like many of us, you’re spending a good portion of these “colder days”… Read more »

Spanish Tip of the Week – Socializing

When we take our children to the playground, a party, or any other kind of event, we tend to use a number of phrases to encourage them to initiate play and navigate typical Toddler- & Preschool-age interactions. Normally, many of us do this in English. Now that you’re part of a community of families dedicated… Read more »

Spanish Tip of the Week: Practicing your own Spanish with the PVP Teachers

Many parents and caregivers are very eager to practice Spanish at Pine Village. Conversing with the teachers in Spanish is a great way to get information about your child on a daily basis while also enhancing your own language skills!The following phrases are very simple and easy to practice every day. Choose a phrase each… Read more »