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Spanish Tip: Reinforcing Spanish with "Hot or Cold"

We hope you have enjoyed some of our suggested games with your family over break.  Here is one last idea for reinforcing Spanish at home while school is closed.  Caliente o Frio/Hot or ColdSecretly identify an object in the room and have your child guess where/what it is by saying hot or cold (caliente o… Read more »

Spanish Tip: Reinforcing Spanish with "Red Light, Green Light"

Here is another game to help your family practice Spanish over school break. You don’t need to know Spanish yourself to play this game with your family! Luz Roja– Luz Verde/Red Light– Green Light With your children running around outside, call out to them “Luz Roja” (red light) or “Luz Verde” (green light). When they hear… Read more »

Spanish Tip of the Week: Practicing Over Break

We‘re posting a little early this week due to the holidays.  If your child is in an immersion or bilingual school, you may be wondering how to help reinforce Spanish while the school is closed for winter break.  Here are a few simple games anyone can play in Spanish- regardless of your own level of… Read more »

Spanish Tip of the Week: Words for Winter

Winter will officially arrive next week, and it looks like we may get some snow here in Boston before long.  Get ready for the cold weather with these fun winter words and phrases.  Practice your Spanish skills indoors and out!  For extra fun, see if you can master many different ways to say “snowman” en… Read more »

The anguish of what happened today touches us all deeply.  Our hearts, prayers, and deep sympathies are with the children, their families, and teachers and staff of the Sand Hook Elementary School. 

Spanish Tip of the Week: Cooking

Last week we suggested having mealtimes in Spanish as a way to encouraging bilingualism at home. Why not take it one step further?  Cooking a simple recipe with your children could be a great way to practice. How about some scrambled eggs?    ¡Utiliza las siguientes expresiones y vocabulario mientras cocinan! Use the following expressions and… Read more »