School Spotlight: JP South Street

Our Jamaica Plain South Street location is warm, bright and inviting with seven classrooms. As our second JP location, we love being part of a vibrant neighborhood so close to many outdoor locations. Today, we’re getting the inside scoop from our Director, Johan to hear more about her background and what makes our JP South Street school so special!

Meet the Director

Hola! My name is Johanneryck, but everybody calls me Johan and I’m from Caracas, Venezuela. I am the Director at Pine Village Preschool in Jamaica Plain on South Street. I love spending time with my family, reading books, traveling, and watching TV series or movies on my couch.                               

I have been in the education field for about 17 years, with the last 6 at Pine Village. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and I am also a scuba diving instructor. I was a military cadet in my country for 3 years, where I learned a lot but ultimately that wasn’t my path. My Papi (Grandfather) always told me that he wanted me to be a teacher, and I had a special experience when I was a child with my 4th grade teacher. She made a difference in my life in a moment that I needed it the most and I always wanted to do something like her, be the difference for somebody. I have always had an appreciation and love for the little ones, so I decided to become a teacher and it was the best decision! I love seeing the children learn new things through playing and watching them grow. As the Director of JP South Street for the past 3 years, I love to take care of the kids, staff, and community. Helping and teaching is my calling.

As well as being a Director, I am also part of the Pine Village parents community. My son is attending his last year in one of our locations. He has been learning so much these past few years and has been cared for with love. I don’t have enough words to say thank you to the staff of his school. They are amazing!

What makes the JP South Street location so special?

Jamaica Plain is an amazing town. JP South St is on main street, so many children come in with their parents walking, in the stroller, via family bikes or riding scooters. We love going outside and taking advantage of the public places around. Our children and teachers love walking to Centre Street, running and picnicking at the Loring Greenough House, walking around the pond and exploring the Arboretum. We also love to visit all of the different playgrounds: Everett St. Park, Spalding St., Southwest Corridor Park, Train Park, Hall and Boynton, Brewer/Burroughs Tot Lot. We also play with water in the summer at the Johnson Park and last but not least, we also have our little playground behind the school.

A Typical Day at Pine Village JP South Street

Every day you will see JP South St Assistant Director, Sarvia or myself greeting every family with a smile. Daily activities include a variety of active and quiet individual and group projects. A typical day may consist of any of the following: free play, sharing the fruit time, circle time, small and large group activities, open-ended art, activities in the sensory table with water, sand etc. We also enjoy activities in different areas as art, dramatic area, math and science, blocks, reading area, science exploration and more. We try to go outside twice every day and visit one of the parks around the school. Children enjoy doing circle time singing, dancing, story time, learning new words in Spanish and talking about the topic and activities of the day.

Kids love to do any activities, especially sensory activities. Everything that let them express their creativity and let fly their imagination. They also love to go outside to explore and have fun.

Johan’s Special Memories

Pine Village has that “je ne sais quoi” that makes you fall in love as a teacher and as a parent. I hope that we, as a company, will be able to continue bringing that magic to every kid learning a new language with love and laughter.

For me every Pine Village location is incredible, and they have their own especial features for their community. In Jamaica Plain South Street, my staff and community are stunning. I am the lucky Director who guides amazing women; they are the real deal here. They give love to the children every day and we take care each other. It is wonderful to be part of our Pine Village Preschool community.

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