Spanish Tip for Summer Fun

Let’s go to the beach
Vamos a la Playa

It’s that time of year, finally! The weather is warmer and you can take the kids outside to play. Whether you’re at the beach or playing in the yard, we’ve got your back with some useful vocabulary words for summer-time fun!
The Beach- La playa
The sea- El mar
Let’s go to the beach!
Vamos a la playa!
Lifesaver- Salvavidas   
Can you put the lifesaver on?
Te puedes poner el salvavidas?

Beach ball- Pelota de playa
Let’s play with the beach ball!
Juguemos con la pelota de la playa!
Sunglasses- Lentes para el sol
Please put your sunglasses on.
Ponte los lentes para el sol por favor.
Sand- Arena 
Do you want to play with the sand?
Quieres jugar con la arena?
Bathing suit-Traje de baño
Get your bathing suit.
Toma tu traje de baño.
To swim – Nadar
Let’s swim!
Vamos a nadar!

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