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Thank you to everyone who took a few minutes to nominate Pine Village Preschool as a Boston Parents Paper Family Favorite for 2019! We’ve been fortunate enough to have secured our spot as a Family Favorite since 2014 and would be honored to be chosen again in 2019.

Currently, the Final Voting Is Now Open Through April 30th!

Thank you all for nominating us for the Boston Parents Paper​ 2019 Family Favorites!! We’ve made it to the finals in several rounds and the actual voting has begun today. We’d be honored if you voted for us in the following categories:

Foreign Language and Cultural Immersion Summer Camps
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Pine Village Preschool Focus on Curriculum

We want to share more on our learning and educational philosophies, so today….we’re sharing info about the Pine Village Preschool Curriculum

Your child’s teacher is a master at her trade. She has learned about your child specifically.  She knows just how to welcome every child in the morning, she knows their favorite toys, what time they get hungry, who they like to play with.  She knows how long your daughter can sit in one spot, how your son holds a pencil and which books are their favorites.  She watches all of them playing, all day.

With all of this information she has developed a system of planning that unfolds daily, weekly and monthly.  This is called Emergent Curriculum.  Emergent thematic curriculum happens when great teachers witness amazing children, who at any given moment may be fascinated by trains, pirates, bugs, babies or rainbows.  Your child’s teacher then builds activities based around the themes and fascinations that have emerged naturally in her classroom, creating a curriculum built around your children’s interest. Children excitedly participate and engage in learning because they feel a part of the planning.

Yes, we also introduce curriculum we think children should have exposure to, such as culture, art and science, but it is done by tailoring the specifics to them individually, which pulls each child in and makes learning engaging, fun, and interesting. Although it can sometimes look like chaos—as if 10,000 things are happening at the same time—it’s quite the contrary. What’s actually happening is that each child is engaged in his or her own learning, at his or her own pace and in his or her own bright spot. 

Next time you are in the school, please take a careful look at the curriculum walls and bulletin boards. It’s not just about class calendars and newsletters, although those are equally important. It’s also a graphic representation of how the teachers’ beautiful plans have evolved into your child’s reality. And then, since it is impossible to put on paper everything that happens each day, take it a step further.   Imagine all that unfolds at snack time, free play and at the park!  Oh so many teachable moments!

This is what a thriving preschool classroom looks like. It truly is learning by design!

Staff Spotlight: Support Staff

Introduction To Some Behind the Scenes Support Staff

We’re so glad you’ve enjoyed seeing some of the behind-the-scenes folks at Pine Village! This month’s installment introduces you to two of the women in our Enrollment and Finance area: Christine Williams and Christine Fritts. (Yes, there are two Christine’s, which sometimes causes a bit of confusion. We hope this will help clear things up!)

The Enrollment/Finance team, pictured below from left to right: Christine Williams, Jen Doyle, Christine Fritts, and Agatha Clancy, visiting Fenway Park on the day after Red Sox’s latest World Series win. You will read more about Jen and Agatha in a future blog!

Christine Williams – Associate Director of Enrollment and Communications

An enrollment professional with almost twenty years of experience in education, Christine spent over fifteen years in higher education before coming to Pine Village in March 2016. She works with families who are just starting their search for a school, guiding them through the application process. 

Tell us what you love about your job.
I love helping people find the right “fit” for their family. And even after children have enrolled or graduate, I enjoy hearing about how much the school had an impact on each family.

What are your career goals and dreams?
I’m living it! I was a tour guide at my undergraduate institution and started working in Enrollment Management (or as most people call it, Admissions) as soon as I graduated. It’s been almost twenty years and I’ve been able to work with different age groups throughout my career, which has kept things interesting. My first job was at an independent high school, then I switched to a graduate school, and now Pine Village.

Who, in your life, has inspired you?
My parents, by far. They have been married forty-five years and though I know it has not been an easy road, they make it seem effortless. They have great adventures together – traveling, going to the theatre, or enjoying a day at the beach. And from a professional standpoint, they taught my sister and I to be hard workers and provide good customer service. When I was young, both their jobs required them to work from home and we were trained to answer the phone very formally: “Hello, this is Christine.” People were usually shocked to hear a five year old on the other end!

Please share something special about yourself.
When I was working on my master’s degree, I took a two week course in Rome that focused on the challenges of international marketing. It was my second time visiting the city and I absolutely fell in love with the Italian way of life. I would love to return there (but for a longer period of time!).

Christine Fritts – Financial Controller

As PVP’s Financial Controller, Christine Fritts oversees accounts payable, billing, financial reporting, and everything in between. Christine came to Pine Village in September 2013.

Tell us what you love about your job.
I love numbers!  I know a lot of people think I’m crazy, but I absolutely love working with numbers.  I love that they make sense (usually!) and I love investigating when they don’t.

The other thing I love about my job is knowing that I am working for a company that is really trying to make a difference in the lives of our children and families.  As a mother of two elementary-aged children, I know the difficulties of raising a family these days, and I see first-hand the way every member of the Pine Village team really cares about their job and the entire Pine Village community.  Both of my children previously attended PVP, and it truly is a special place to work and to bring your children to.

What are your career goals and dreams?
I want to continue to help Pine Village grow and thrive.  In the time that I’ve been at Pine Village, we have moved two of our schools to larger locations and opened two brand new locations.  I loved being a part of that experience and knowing we were able to provide a quality education to move children and families.  I hope to help find new ways in which to continue to service our community.

Who, in your life, has inspired you?
It probably sounds completely random, but I am a huge Tina Turner fan!  When I was younger, I started out just being a fan of her music.  But as I learned more of her life story, I became inspired by it.  She is someone who fought through many challenges in life and has continued to remain positive.  She has worked hard for everything she has.

Please share something special about yourself.
I am a sports nut!  My husband, children and myself absolutely love playing and watching sports.  And over the last couple of years, my husband and I have started coaching multiple sports as well.  I grew up playing three different sports and I loved the discipline, teamwork and dedication that sports taught me.  Now that I am adult, I love sharing those experiences and lessons with my children.