Our Brookline Preschool

Our fabulous Brookline location is located in St. Paul’s Church on St. Paul St., which sits nicely between Brookline Village and the Longwood Medical area. We are thrilled to have this beautifully designed, bright and sunny preschool as our home in Brookline. Our cozy preschool is boutique-ish with four small classrooms serving toddlers, preschoolers and PreK children. Our fenced in onsite playground is large, inviting, and perfect for exploring nature.

We look forward to meeting you on a tour of our space soon!

Our Director

Picture of Peggy Kuhs, Interm Director of PVP Brookline
Peggy Kuhs

After several years as the PreK teacher at our Kendall Square location, Brookline Interim Director Peggy Kuhs stepped into the position of PVP's Social Emotional Coach in 2019. Her role is to design, implement and assist the teachers with the Conscious Discipline and Social Emotional Curriculum that supports the behavioral development of our children. She works closely with the directors and teachers of all schools and models how to use a positive and conscious approach to the children acknowledging their feelings and emotions so they can learn about the process of self-regulation and expression of feelings. She also helps teachers work with behavioral situations that come out in the classrooms, helping school staff create performance plans for challenging situations, materials and resources that support the teacher(s) and families.