Our School

We are located in St John’s Episcopal Church, in the grand neighborhood of Sumner Hill, set high atop a green grassy knoll amidst the historic Victorian homes of JP.  Our school boasts bright, sunny classrooms as well as a large parish hall perfect for indoor play and our annual festivities. We also have a fenced in playground on site equipped with all the goodies preschoolers LOVE.

Our Director

Ana Nieto

Ana Nieto was born and raised in Spain, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Anxiety and Stress Intervention. As a director of educational and community projects for ten years, she worked with many people of different ages and backgrounds; she was also trained as a Spanish teacher.

In 2014 her family came to the Boston area. "I always say that I came for love," she says, "following my partner, [along with their two sons] but I also felt that life was giving me the opportunity to continue my professional career and focus on my passion, the education of young children." Her daughter was born soon after their arrival.

Ana says her love and respect for young children grew as she was studying and earning her certifications, working in this field as an infant and toddler teacher, and, then, raising her own kids. She has seen her own young children learn a whole new language from scratch. "The way they and their teachers achieved that great result showed me the importance of acquiring a language at an early age using the right techniques and investing in time, plus a lot of love."

She started with Pine Village as a preschool and prekindergarten teacher, seeing with her own eyes how love, laughter, learning, and language were the core of each of the PVP schools. She worked for two years at the Newton Highlands location, her daughter attending the PVP West Newton location, and then PVP Brighton's Bilingual Beginnings program during 2020-2021 school year.

"I am looking forward to growing with all of you," she says. "We have an extraordinary way ahead to go together. I hope you can feel that love and safety are my priorities and that we can learn from each other while having a lot of fun!"