Our School

Designed especially for our location in Kendall Square with two full exterior walls of 15-foot windows, we have established this location with four age groups in mind and special activities for each. We have individual classrooms, quiet spaces and shared space for each age group to enjoy for gross motor activities, as well as music and movement and other classes. Parents have the opportunity to observe their children though the windows that connect each room to our community space. We are located a short walk from the Kendall Square T, two blocks from a fabulous playground and have on-site access to weekly outdoor concerts and an ice skating rink in the winter!

Our Director

Isabella Ceron

Isabella Ceron considers herself a citizen of the world. Her father was transferred numerous times for work. She left Colombia when she was six months old, lived in Canada, London and Venezuela. By the time she returned to Colombia, she was eight years old and in love with the world. She loves to travel, read, paint, cook international food, do outdoor activities, yoga and laugh and play hard.

She is a mother, sister, daughter, wife, a teacher, a designer and a friend. In addition of being a licensed as a lead teacher, she has a degree in Architecture and Engineering, and a master’s degree in interior design with a specialization in school design, learning and teaching theories and styles. She has taught Spanish to English-speaking students of all ages for ten years. As a global person, she understands the importance of overcoming language barriers and a big advocate of the fact that learning a new language is not only fun, but benefits your brain and helps you live longer.

Her approach as a teacher is based on each person’s personality, character, learning style and interests. She believes that we are all capable and eager learners and supports the need for hands-on, meaningful activities and the importance of play. She considers a person’s early years critical, not only for the world of knowledge waiting to be learned, but because basic attitudes about their world, people with whom they are in contact, and about themselves, are being formed. She believes that is never too late to learn new skills and is excited to be able to bring those ideas to the children and families of Pine Village.