Boston Pride Parade

Pine Village is once again participating in the Boston PRIDE Parade on Saturday, June 13th. It is an amazing, fun day, and we would love for our families to join us!

The Pine Village philosophy of education is, in part, one of diversity and acceptance. With this in mind, we welcome ALL families to be a part of our PVP family. We support families who have adopted children from all over the world; we support families with one mommy and/or one daddy, extended families, two mommies or two daddies, working parents and non-working parents. We embrace our teachers who come from all over the world, with varied traditions and customs. We advocate diversity through our belief that differences in people are a beautiful thing, and that if the seed of acceptance and inclusion is planted in children in these early years, this world we live in has a greater chance of unity, peace and acceptance.

These are some of the principles upon which we were founded and are proud that we have been marching with Boston Pride almost since our own beginning — this will be our 12th year participating.

We are usually at the beginning of the parade and one of the first groups to start walking. We anticipate our line-up position to be on Boylston St. between Clarendon and Dartmouth Streets. Please plan on joining us here by 10:30 so we can share some fun PRIDE gear with you and be ready to start walking at 11:00 am sharp. (Unfortunately, we won’t know exactly what number group we will be until Friday night, but we will have our banner and our PVP t-shirts with us so hopefully you will see us as you walk up Boylston Street.)

It is strongly recommended that you arrive at the Boston Pride Parade by T. Given the large amount of people present in the city for the day’s events, traffic will likely be highly congested and parking will be limited. (The parade begins in Copley Square and ends at Government Center (City Hall Plaza).

By T: Take the Green line to Copley.