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Pine Village Preschool Goes to Mexico!

This past June, Brid Martin, Marina Ituarte, Peggy Kuhs and I, Emma Lavecchia, had the incredible opportunity to travel to Mexico and represent Pine Village Preschool at two amazing events.  The spirit of our visit was centered on the work we do around Social Emotional Learning in early childhood, and sharing the methods we use… Read more »

Spanish Tip of the Week- Pretend Vacations

Take a pretend vacation and practice Spanish! It is cold out lately in Boston- and then it’s fairly mild- and then it’s cold again.  All this back and forth just seems to make the colder days that much colder!  If you are like many of us, you’re spending a good portion of these “colder days”… Read more »

Spanish Tip of the Week: Traveling

Nos vamos de viaje! Many families will be traveling this week for the Thanksgiving holiday.  What better time to learn words about travel in Spanish?! Useful words: Nouns A pretend “avión” from our Needham school el fin de semana: the weekendel carro: the carla mochila/el bulto: the backpack/bagla maleta: the suitcaseel avión: the airplanela merienda:… Read more »