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Spanish Tip of the Week: A game to try at home

If you are looking for more opportunities to practice Spanish with your children, repetitive games, songs, and rhymes can be a great way to build vocabulary and increase your child’s comfort level while using Spanish. Try this game at home to practice syntax and color names. Remember, in Spanish we usually put the adjective after… Read more »

Spanish Tip: Reinforcing Spanish with "Hot or Cold"

We hope you have enjoyed some of our suggested games with your family over break.  Here is one last idea for reinforcing Spanish at home while school is closed.  Caliente o Frio/Hot or ColdSecretly identify an object in the room and have your child guess where/what it is by saying hot or cold (caliente o… Read more »

Spanish Tip: Reinforcing Spanish with "Red Light, Green Light"

Here is another game to help your family practice Spanish over school break. You don’t need to know Spanish yourself to play this game with your family! Luz Roja– Luz Verde/Red Light– Green Light With your children running around outside, call out to them “Luz Roja” (red light) or “Luz Verde” (green light). When they hear… Read more »