Ray Martin

Facilities Manager

Ray studied Civil Engineering in college, and although it has not been his career, it certainly has been an asset in many ways. He started his own company, Ray Martin Measuring, in 1993, and worked with several carpet companies in the Boston area as an estimator. Since the founding of Pine Village, he has spent many hours working on weekends and evenings doing all sorts of repairs as well as assembling furniture, putting up shelving, and anything else that was needed in the schools. In August 2013, he closed his measuring company and “officially” assumed his new position as Facilities Manager.

He really enjoys spending time at each of the schools, not only to ensure that each school is in excellent shape but also as it allows him to get to know all of the directors, teachers and children. He thinks that in his past life he was a teacher! He feels like he has come home and is now doing what he was always meant to do.


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