Marina Ituarte

Community Director

Marina Ituarte was born in Mexico. Her mother’s sisters were all teachers so she grew up with crayons, notebooks, and books surrounding her throughout her childhood. Very early in life she found her vocation: kindergarten teacher. She finished her training when she was nineteen and started working in public early childhood education in a very poor neighborhood in Mexico City, which shaped her life forever. She later finished her bachelor’s degree in Education at the Universidad Panamericana and earned a Master’s degree in Group Therapy at the Universidad Iberoamericana in 1976. She worked as an assistant dean at the University for twelve years and then in the Leadership Institute for five more. In 1998, Marina moved to Miami, FL, and worked as a franchise director in the retail arena for ten years; during that time she completed a second master’s degree in Management of Educational Programs at Nova Southeastern University.

Marina learned about Pine Village when her grandchildren attended the Newton school in the mid-2000’s. She fell so in love with the Pine Village program, philosophy, and beliefs, that she moved to Boston in 2009 to become the director of Pine Village’s Jamaica Plain (Revere) location. She has since recovered her teacher’s soul and her passion for education. In 2013, Marina became Pine Village’s first Community Director – known internally as the Director’s Director. Through this position, she ensures that the heart of Pine Village flows through every school.

She is committed to creating a school community based on love, respect, friendship, care, joy, and responsibility, and believes that we can accomplish higher and meaningful goals by encouraging everyone in Pine Village to grow in their social emotional development and working together as a team.


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