Jennifer Doyle

Sr. Director of Communications and Outreach

After graduation, she worked in Conn’s Office of Conferences and Special Events for five years, overseeing events ranging from multi-day conferences with several hundred attendees to the annual Commencement ceremony for over 4000 guests. She eventually became the office’s Assistant Director. She left Conn in 1996 to attend Boston’s Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS), a move that she maintains makes a lot more sense than people seem to think about the career jump from conference and event planning. After several years working as a professional librarian, she returned to Simmons GSLIS – at first as the Website Coordinator, then working her way up to Director of GSLIS Curriculum and Communications. In that position she oversaw GSLIS print and electronic publications, website content, and social media, as well as working with faculty on curriculum planning. She was responsible for scheduling over 200 classes each academic year and overseeing the registration of over 800 graduate students. She also played an integral part in launching GSLIS’s first three online programs.

Having been a part of the Pine Village family for nearly ten years (19-year-old daughter, Lucy, 16-yr-old son, Will, and 8-year-old son James all attended the school in their early years), Jen was thrilled to join Pine Village as a blogger and communications consultant in 2012, and then as a full-fledged employee in July 2013. In her current position, Jen blogs, develops content, supports the website, and provides overall communications support for all of Pine Village; she also oversees the enrollment and contracting processes. She finds her job at Pine Village to be similar in many ways to her position at Simmons, although she is now working with three-year-olds instead of grad students.


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