Jacie Feinberg

Education Director

Jacie’s experience resides in the field of Early Childhood Education in the classroom, staff development, and in leadership/Director roles. She started her studies at Ithaca College in the Spanish Education (7-12) degree program. As a sophomore, she studied abroad in Madrid, Spain – and it was a life changing experience. After researching and learning more about bilingualism, she realized that her heart belonged instead to teaching young children. She transferred to Framingham State University to finish her Bachelor’s degree in Spanish. She is Director 2 certified by The Department of Early Education (EEC), and loves sharing her passion for introducing a foreign language at a young age with the budding bilinguals in all of the schools (as well with her children) since it is such a gift!

Building a strong connection with Pine Village educators and children is a top priority for Jacie. In addition to the time she spends in the office writing curriculum, she experiences true joy from spending lots of time in the classrooms and seeing how the Pine Village philosophy is being implemented in the schools. Unifying the systems that are used in the schools to ensure the highest quality education is pivotal and an evolving process. She is a lifelong learner who continuously seeks out opportunities to learn and to then apply that new knowledge to her position whenever possible.

Jacie believes that children learn by playing, experimenting and observing. She loves hands-on projects and messy activities. Children are innately inquisitive so it is the role of the educator to foster their curiosity and let them explore.  Furthermore, it is important to tap into each child’s specific learning style so we can individualize the curriculum for that child. To Jacie, every moment of every day is a teachable moment.