Brid Martin


Pine Village Co-Founder Brid Martin was born in Ireland. The middle child in a family of five (one sister and three brothers who, along with Brid’s mother, all live in Ireland), Brid came to Boston with her husband, Raymond, in 1985. Brid, her sister, and two of her brothers all attended University College Galway and graduated as High School teachers.  Three of them are still involved in education either teaching or in an administrative capacity. Brid is currently pursuing an MA in Mindfulness at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA.

Brid and Raymond currently live in Brighton, MA. They have two daughters, Aoife who is 31, and Deirbhile, who is 25. One is fully launched and working as an attorney and the other just started Medical school in September 2019.

Brid feels very fortunate that she has been able to achieve most of the goals she set for herself, one of which had been to open a preschool. She was able to accomplish this with the 2001 opening of Pine Village in Brighton with her dear friend, Emma LaVecchia. Since then they have successfully opened seven additional programs, all of which follow the same Spanish Immersion model. The schools are among the top ranked schools in Greater Boston and we are actively striving to be the leading Language, Love, Laughter and Learning Preschool in the USA and perhaps beyond! It is exciting and rewarding to be in a position where she can positively impact the lives of children and families who attend our schools.

She believes that children learn through play and by doing. We need to get to know each child individually and build a unique learning experience for each one. The major focus needs to be on encouraging curiosity and learning how to learn rather than acquiring knowledge and facts.  Children should leave Pine Village with a strong sense of self-esteem, a love of learning, and roadmap for engaging with others.


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